“If you put a frog in water and slowly heat it, the frog will eventually let itself be boiled to death. We, too, will not survive unless we actively respond to the radical . In this book, Charles Handy shows why we need more unreasonable men and women today with the ability to break out of old ways of thinking in order to use. This article is about the science fiction series; The Age of Unreason (ISBN ) is also the title of a book by Charles Handy. The Age of Unreason is a .

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Much of the book talks about predictions for how the world is going to change.

Almost Finished…

Handy maintains that discontinuous change requires charls, upside-down thinking, and discusses the need for new kinds of organizations, new approaches to work, new types of schools, and new ideas about the nature of our society. The first is to adapt. Original, but of lesser practical use, seem Handy’s definitions of work.

Dialogue Classic — The Gandhi principle: The breadth of areas covered in this book and its completeness are to be commended. Handy makes it clear how the business and social trends of today are affecting each of us personally and professionally.

The Age of Unreason by Charles B. Handy

In this book, Charles Handy shows why unreasno need more unreasonable men and women today with the ability to break out of old ways of thinking in order to use change to our advantage. What Handy calls shamrock and Triple I have both high potential for this. Books by Charles B.


This book was included in my book: Aug 08, JoAnn rated it really liked it. Upside down thinking can make you view work as the best of the four-letter words. Any businessman will definitely enjoy reading this book.

Back to the future: The Age Of Unreason by Charles Handy

I have some unrwason of fear about my uncertain future, and sometimes I question my personal value. For those who are curious about the systems in which they find themselves, Handy offers some legitimate insight. Even more remarkable considering this book was written in while it’s still very current. Below are key excerpts from the book that I found particularly insightful: These are the people who are essential to the organization.

One set of questions, duly answered and tested and reflected upon, leads on to another.

In an era when change is constant, random, and, as Handy calls it, discontinuous, it is necessary to break out of old ways of thinking in order to use change to our advantage.

It’s funny that out of all the new things the author discussed the need for back in only one has come about: We control some things and not others. When a crisis happens or comfortable patterns change, sometimes we recognize the difference and realign actions and goals.

We can all do it, and enjoy it, if we want to.

May 26, Omar Halabieh rated it really liked it. The constant gardener Hi Bruce – thanks for your comment – I find unreaspn in collaboration, First is the Shamrock Organization, a traditional organization, which has three parts. Science inreason book series American steampunk novels Alternate history book series Science fantasy novels Cultural depictions of Benjamin Franklin Cultural depictions of Isaac Newton Cultural depictions of Blackbeard s historical novel stubs Alternate history novel stubs s historical novel stubs.


I like the idea of a life portfolio and the ideas about embracing upside thinking and change. It is the method which businesses are slowly, and painfully, evolving for getting the best of both worlds – the size which gives them clout in the marketplace and in the financial centers, as well as some economies of scale, and the small unti size which gives them the flexibility which they need, as well as the sense of community for which individuals increasingly unreasoj.

Increasingly, it is contracted out to organizations I call the second leaf of the shamrock To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. We can see it in astounding new developments in technology, in the shift in demand from manual to cerebral skills, and in the virtual disappearance of lifelong, full-time jobs.

It seems essential to have a joint understanding of what the pattern is, how and when it might change, what the consequences are for living in a certain patterns and what are the costs and benefits. Handy George Bernard Shaw observed that the reasonable man adapts himself to hanndy world while the unreasonable man persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.

Structure and overall direction come from the center, but each satellite operation runs on its own, and the decisions are made by those responsible for the outcome.

If the core is smaller, who then does the work? I would be astounded if there were not new developments!