José Enrique Camilo Rodó Piñeyro (15 July – 1 May ) was a Uruguayan essayist. Rodó is best known for his essay Ariel (), drawn from The Tempest, in which Ariel represents the positive, and Caliban represents the negative. Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó. The book is an extended . April 5, at pm . you can also read it in english sometimes it’s just easier . Rodó, José Enrique. Ariel. Translated with an Introductory Essay by F.J. was, he explains, safeguarded from vulgarity in England by the English aristocracy.

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Ibsen weaves the lofty harangue of his Stockmann upon the affirmation that “compact majorities are the greatest danger to liberty and truth.

Ariel, by José Enrique Rodó – Unknowing

Nice work; way to catch the creep. To Franklin’s code have succeeded others franker still in their expression of the national wisdom. But per- haps you will say that there is no seal, no peculiar and definite thing to mark the quality for whose permanence and integ- rity we should do battle in the actual organ- ization of our people.

And now we judge your entrance into the great war for the freedom of Europe’s peo- ples as that great epopee of San Martin guiding us Argentines across the snows of the Andes to liberate the peoples of America.

Grave caryatides alone guarded the marble doors, in tranquil pose, the faces sculptured into profiles grave in in- trospection. And that is the impression, one still of divine contentment, which, embodied in the essence of the new faith, one feels per- sist through all the Odyssey of the evan- gelists ; which sheds a radiant joy about 16 ARIEL the spirit of the first Christian communities, an ingenuous joy of living, and which, going to Rome, opened easy passage to the hearts of the ignorant proselytes of the Transtevere.

If, with relation to indi- vidual liberty, Goethe could say so pro- foundly that only he is worthy of liberty and life who can conquer it for himself each day ; with much more reason might I say that the honour of every human generation re- quires that it shall conquer for itself, by the persevering activity of its own thinking, by the effort of its own will, its faith in the determined, the persistent manifestation of the ideal, and the place of the ideal in the evolution of all ideas.

Leon Marks rated it did not like it Oct 11, And yet his was its supreme height: Learn more on the Editorial Framework page.

The narrative, allegorically-inspired by Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest,’ sees the professorial ‘Prospero’ observe a debate between ‘Ariel’-representing Latin America- and ‘Caliban’-representing the the U. Of the stones of Carthage not one remains to bear any message of light, and all the immen- sity of Babylon or Nineveh does not fill in ARIEL human memory the hollow of man’s hand as compared with the few furlongs that lie between the Acropolis and the Piraeus. At that time he saw the achievements of western civilization threatened in his country by the industrialized materialism emanating from the United States.


All in civilization that is more than material excellence, economic prosperity, is a height that will be levelled when moral authority is given to the average mind. C’est le contrairc qui est la verite. Immovable indifference and quantitative superiority are its attributes, the usual result of its labours ; yet is it not entirely incapable of rising to epic heights, usually of anger, giving free reins to its antipathies.

And when one calls to mind the oratory of the French Conven- tion and detects a rhetorical perversion everywhere apparent like the feline fur of Jacobinism, it is impossible not to connect like the radii englisj part from one centre, like the signs of an identical insanity, the extravagance of taste, the vertigo of all moral sentiment, and the fanatical englisn tion of the reason.

Prospero also focuses on locations such as Ancient Greece, and he emphasizes Hellenic beauty as the only ideal worthy of imitation. Ariel is that sublime sen- timent of the perfectibility of man through whose virtue human clay is magnified and transformed in the realm of things for each one who lives by his light arie even that mis- erable clay of which Ahriman spoke to Manfred.

And when posterity 14 ARIEL 9 -7 turns its gaze upon Egypt, it meets only the sterile notion of order regulating the growth of a civilization which lived but to weave itself a shroud and build its tombs ; the shadow of a sundial reaching out far over the sands of the desert. Ariel belongs to the movement known as modernismocharacterized by its elegance, artistic prose, and worldly references and allusions.

This dispersive influence injures the beauty of our institutions no less than their strength. Our capacity to understand must only be lim- 28 ARIEL ited by the impossibility of understanding souls that are narrow.

Ariel : José Enrique Rodó : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Just thought you might like to know about this. They call him scornfully the ‘ ‘ highbrow ‘ ‘ ; that is to say, the man who has behind his forehead sight and thought for things that lie above and beyond immediate sensuous enjoyment. Persistent followers of that creed of individual energy which makes of every man the artificer of his destiny, they have modelled their commonwealth on a kind of imaginary population of Cru- soes, who, as soon as they have roughly attended to their training in the art of taking care of themselves, will turn to the making of themselves into a stable State.

The book seems to have had less effect than Englidh feared. The Bow and the Lyre Octavio Paz.

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Want to Read saving…. ARIEL 43 The argument of the traitor apostle be- fore the jar of ointment, spilled to no prac- tical purpose on the Saviour’s head, is still one of the formulae of common sense. Those engglish demand that goodness, truth, should ever be shown in forms that are gloomy and severe, seem to me to be treasonable to truth and good- ness.


José Enrique Rodó

I see the bright spirit smiling back upon you in future times, even though your own still works in shadow. I propose to speak to you exclusively of this latter cause ; be- cause I trust that your first initiation in the revelations of Science has been so di- rected as to preserve you from the danger of a vulgar interpretation.

Thus will your energy have the greater stimulus, since the dramatic interest is ARIEL greater in the continual renewal and ad- vance, fit school to purify the forces of an heroic generation, than in the serene and Olympic attitude in which a golden age might invest the acolytes of its glory.

Oct 13, David Renderos rated it it was ok. Absorbed in its hieratic austerity the country of the Egyptian priest represented only old age, old age given but to introspection, as if to practise for the repose of eternity, and arriel aside any frivolous dream as with disdainful finger. To it came he who needed bread and he who wanted balsam for a rod heart. I also think that the spirit of youth is as a generous soil, where the seed of an opportune word may in a short time return the fruits of an im- mortal harvest.

Therefore averred Macaulay that a day in the public life of Athens comprised a more brilliant programme of instruction than any we now plan in our modern cen- tres of education. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Without the arm which clears and constructs, there might now be no shelter for the brain that thinks; without some certain conquest of the ARIEL materialities, the rule of the spiritualities in human societies becomes impossible. Were one to write a volume on the characteristics of the North American people excluding Canada and Mexico one would have to traffic in more nuanced understandings, in influential undercurrents, in the tradition of conservative thought which Russell Kirk brought to light.

Flowers bloomed unhindered and unplucked in the very paving-stones, twining plants sought the king’s own chamber through the open windows; the tired winds laid freely all their scents and 36 ARIEL spices o’er his castle ; the very spume of the sea sought to besprinkle its feet ; and the freedom of Paradise, a mighty sharing of trust, kept up about its walls continual holy day.

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