Air Defense Artillery. battalion commander’s guide to staff functional duties in combat preparation. It can also be used to give expressed by commanders, XOs, and S3s, for example, is that the Fire Support. Officer or the S2. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar . Field Artillery and Air Defense Battalions. o Ensure your XO is holding weekly maintenance meetings with key maintenance personnel and company XOs. STANAG , Edition 1, Chapter 13, Artillery Procedures, and QSTAG , Edition 2, Bombing,. Shelling . with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery dissemination of this information to subordinate XOs, platoon.

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Investigate and respond dispassionately and promptly.

Therefore, it may prove a valuable resource for commanders seeking guidance, information, and artillert counsel of peers. ACS will train good sponsors. A tremendous amount of time, effort, and money went into enlisting the soldier and getting him or her to training. Therefore, advanced coordination with these headquarters will go a long way in avoiding training conflicts.

Keep this in mind when you schedule training. Coach, mentor, and demonstrate. Integrity must be non-negotiable. Above all, set the proper example yourself. Missions are accomplished in diverse settings and at a very demanding tempo. Make training realistic, safe and METL-based.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook. :: US Army Artillery School Collection

Don’t bring your new cadre to work until they and their families are settled into their quarters. Coach, mentor, and train. These are critical to unit artiillery programs. Insist on the accomplishment of a risk analysis prior to every mission. Periodic services should be scheduled reflected on company training schedules and conducted by platoon.


If necessary, go the extra mile. How would I feel about doing that? Develop a systematic awards monitoring system. The biggest challenge that you will often deal with is borrowed military manpower and other non-MOS related missions. To minimize DEP losses, the DEPper must be sold properly on the Army not “slam-dunked”and must receive the continued guidance and interest of the recruiter until he or she ships to basic training.

New Starts and Reclassifications. Don’t let your S3 go too far down the road on a plan you haven’t approved or provided guidance to execute. Stress is high; look for the symptoms. Lieutenant Colonel PField Artillery. Have the write-up submitted within 24 hours of the act and establish a system to ensure compliance. Aviation lift is simply a mode of transportation. Instill in your soldiers a winning attitude and the desire to succeed.

Ensure your leaders know these standards. They should be evaluated accordingly.

Family advocacy is a commander’s program, designed to protect those who traditionally can’t protect themselves. They are best equipped to answer most questions. He or she can be a good conduit of information up and down the chain of command, one who can give you handhook feel for what the soldiers think on a non-attribution basis.

Your past experience should give you some idea of how varied these responsibilities are. Madigan, III, editor of Parametersboth of whom provided invaluable assistance and support. These sessions can get out of hand if there isn’t some structure. Friday’s rehearsal will have been forgotten.


Your letters to them must be friendly, helpful, and percent accurate. A one-hour, one day a week, “open door” policy may not help that soldier who routinely has duty at a remote location at the same time as your “open door. Keep your people trained and managers familiar with the automated systems available. What would you change if you could? A large portion of your daily activities will require an interface with local civic organizations and city leadership.

Their performance is governed by a set of rules and regulations that are similar to the rules and regulations governing a soldier’s conduct. Have them educate and advise your military leaders on the civilian programs of work schedules, unions, overtime, performance standards, awards and appraisals. Bad news doesn’t get better with age, and you are more apt to recover the item the sooner you discover the loss.

They can be mixed in only a limited number of situations. Depending on the geographic separation of supporting units, combined arms training opportunities with your organization may be limited.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook.

Have the routine suspenses briefed on a chart at the battalion command and staff meetings. Good officers and NCOs will work themselves to distraction if you consider everything a “must do. The editor and authors gratefully acknowledge the participation of the 62 members of the U.