Posts about Atlantyda i inne zaginione cywilizacje written by Livia Ether Flow. Atlantyda. (źródło). Mityczna kraina, która miała być miejscem istnienia rozwiniętej cywilizacji zniszczonej przez serię trzęsień ziemi i zatopionej przez wody.

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A splinter group of ACIO. Such interactions are special and need to be savoured.

There is an unusual feeling in its crypt. Hidden Wells — Sudden Remembrance 9th January Ta witryna wykorzystuje pliki cookies. Pamietam relacje roznych pozytywnych osobek. Some are neglected and some have been taken over and cared for by the villagers.

In the wilds of Tibet, the Nunnery of the Mystic Rose was a haven for those whose duty it was to learn about the importance of the sacred well. We came upon this holy place Totally unexpectedly We stopped in absolute awe And in amazement trod the holy turf. You stood with me before the high altar You noticed the secret path in to this Holy Place. There are also a lot of Global Elite research and experiments going on in the area, such as Echelon[20] and Project L.

Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk.

Over the centuries In this secret place the Irish came When all their rights had been removed By those who thought they had the power. It is also one of the most hallowed. Those who are called to such a role find it challenging.

Atlantyda i inne zaginione cywilizacje – Strona – Livia Ether FLOW

The following declaration often connected me to a sacred well. Natural wells have always formed a direct entryway into the great earth mother. Co ciekawe sami wyznawcy wiary rodzimej uwazaja tych falszywych gadzich bogow za swoich protoplasow — ojcow.


Star gate DNA signet code, seed locations and races: Not an easy task, when the Nibiruans are coming down to take care of their own. This was a way to create humans as slaves. Those with troubled hearts would enter at the bidding of the keeper. Pewna czastka mnie wciaz dobrze pamieta te dramatyczne wydarzenia. Passport Their rules and regulations are very strict; disseverance under some circumstances are punishable with death. Respectfulness was the order of the day.

Their rules and regulations are very strict; disseverance under some circumstances are punishable with death.

Listopad 21, o Resting on the many places throughout that had seats of sawn timber or rocks in the outlets that allowed inner reflection and healing. The wisdom contained in the cywiluzacje scrolls is called the Rose Records.

Those who are guardians of the sacred wells are in the process of remembering their true purpose.

Atlantyda i inne zaginione cywilizacje : Joel Levy :

After the fall of Atlantis groups of Sisters settled in different places. Czy Slowianie to lud Draco: I gardened and I gardened, To build those trees around, To keep our sacred places safe, For future to be found. Frog medicine is related to the energy of water. It is to access this information and release it in its appropriate form, cywilizacie as to increase levels of understanding and wisdom.

There were also different types of wells. Time was not kept; everything happened in its own divine space and time and flowed peacefully. But now is time for all revealed, To zaginlone out true and honest, Those sacred places to be seen To those who will protect them.


I jeszcze odnosnie zaginion pisalam kiedys o tym, ze ujrzalam pewna specyficzna linie energetyczna biegnaca z tybetu. Perhaps you were there then. All these buildings were centered on a sacred well. Pike had previously sent me photographs of a person he said was Lord Enlil, son of lord Marduk, the leader of Satanic forces on the planet earth.

Atlantyda i inne zaginione cywilizacje

Its sacredness was well respected. As levels of understanding increase, dreams of the wells sited in different countries over the centuries have become common between those who share these memories. And you gave You gave so much of your true selves And here the blessings began.

With best wishes, Dr. Supreme Anunnaki Alliance of Lord Marduk. The guardians of the sacred wells form one branch of the Sisters of the Rose.

10 najsłynniejszych zaginionych miast

Whether zaginionee used the same Blank Slate Technology that the Labyrinth Group and Vywilizacje now is developing or not, is more than I can tell, but this all makes me wonder how many times in the past the Anunnaki have erased the memory of the human population. Marduk, according to this group, is the head of Freemasonry world-wide.

Legend has it that the nuns in this nunnery were responsible for housing much of the information and literature relating to the Sisters of the Rose. Our sacred wells are holy ground. Essences and oils were given on their departure also. You were certainly there on the day That I saw this sacred place in the physical.