Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr. S.L. Bhyrappa is widely regarded as the greatest living Sita – Warrior of Mithila (Book 2 of the Ram Chandra Series) [ Kindle Avarana the veil is realistic non – romanticised portrayal of Hindu/ Muslim relationship in India, how it was in past how it is in present and what remains little. This is not a book based “only” on emotional rhetoric or some serious research . What are an average Muslim’s views on S L Bhyarappa’s novel “Avarana. Aavarana: The Veil | S.L. Bhyrappa. Blind faith. Let’s get this out of the way: Aavarana: The Veil is more an ideological treatise than classic.

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Even prophet never mentioned veil in bopk of his teachings. Before I start delving into the book, I will try to explain why I have written this post about a Kannada book in English. It is not an anti-Islam or a pro Hindu book. No Christian support the massacre done by Hitler, or massacre of red Indians. Ingredients for Main Dish: Its obvious that debate can be had with those who reason and not bokk follow.

Book Review | Aavarana: The Veil

Hardcover24th Editionpages. However, I was able to procure a copy directly from the publisher – Sahitya Bhandara. Jan 12, Subramanyam K. As the author states, “The reader too shares an equal responsibility with the author in his quest for truth” So much for the democracy of our country which stands by the motto: I remember reading pages and pages about the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire but I read only a few paragraphs about the heroes like Sivaji.


He has trekked in the Alps, the Rockies, Andes and in Fujiama, but the Himalayas remain his greatest passion.

Bhyrappa has resorted to this to defend the book from possible bans. Gives a good insight into communists rephrasing Indian history by selective information in text books. Even i can write against hinduism and can earn popularity by creating such characters. But this Byrappa is not that educated they believe since he is not a foreign returned lapsed intellectual and his novels avraana have vast knowledge-base, great moral content and in-depth research.

Byrappa have lot of rivals in kannada literature. No one likes to admit that their religion has an unpleasant past or an unpleasant passage in its holy book.

An example of such convolution is the period of Mughal rule in India which was most brutal, oppressive and wroth with religious intolerance, but the left historians have attempted to erase this fact and replace it by false history that portrays the Mughals and Aurangzeb in particular as benevolent and secular. There is a layered story telling, present times and Mughal era. It spread by spreading Terror only. I would like to see what you specifically don’t like about the representation of Islam in AvaraNa.

That voice can be taken to be the voice of Hindu Dharma declining because of the assaults it endured. One ought read the book for this.


Why would anyone write a book like this? AvaraNa is really an eye-opener for everyone. Primary objective aavrana the novel is to get the history right. He is a conscious artist that depicts fundamental human emotion Dr S. It is a way of knowing the world, a way of giving meaning and value to the contents of life.

Some day it will be made into a major movie or tv series. Her quest leads her to the many parallels in avarrana narratives between the past and the present and she gradually finds that though much has changed in Indian society over the centuries, much remains the same.


Correct and wrongs are relative perceptions which do change over time. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Retrieved from ” https: But, as a result of that review, this book has become famous in non-Kannada circles as well. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. There were many things which were not included in Quran and still followed by muslim these days.

They say history is always written by winners and losers have no place in it. Poses pertinent and sensitive questions from India’s history of sultanate rule. Outstanding, engaging, incredibly stimulating intellectually as well as morally.

Aavarana – Wikipedia

And they are natural partners because both promise utopia after bloodbath. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. One detailed review and discussion is here: Of course, he is not an honest man as well. Author convinces the reader that all channels not just Fox have a conservative agenda. We must be careful about linking narratives associated with religion to contemporary social practice.

Though there was so many opposing to this book, truth of what had happened those days will never fade. It is apparent from the very beginning that this is a lofty book that makes you question the nuances of religions you see around you. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.