This Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions is published by the. British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, BACP House, 15 St John’s. Ethical. Framework for the. Counselling. Professions. Our commitment to clients. Clients need to be able to participate freely as they work with practitioners of the. Counselling and Psychotherapy was steered by the Unified Code Working Party of BACP: Professor Tim Bond (Convenor), Roger Casemore, Alan Jamieson.

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All good things to know.

Ethucs can be used by practitioners, trainers, supervisors and services to ensure practitioners have the skills and knowledge needed to work in a particular setting, or with particular clients. Our training standards are based on the latest research evidence into effective practice. Therapists work in a wide range of contexts and not predominantly inside the NHS. Miguel Hortolano — Libertad. The first is that of authenticity, in other words its perceived relevance to and ownership by, its members.

How did we get to here? Still, there does seem to be a difference about the way in which the original codes of ethics were developed in the s and ethcis and how the current Ethical Framework is responding cove changes in the world of practice.

I enjoyed this post. The second major influence has been in the form of the collapse of the project to achieve statutory regulation for counselling and psychotherapy following the change of government in Integrity — honest and coherent service provision. Building an appropriate relationship.

Competences bafp curricula Our training standards are based on the latest research evidence into effective practice.

Ethics and standard for counselling and psychotherapy

Please see the Glossary for an explanation of the terms used within the context of the Ethical Framework. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Good Practice in Action You are commenting using your WordPress. If you have specific concerns, you can use the glossary as an index to help you find different topics within the Framework.


Good practice across the counselling professions This new suite of open access good practice resources is developed ethivs partnership with other professionals to help those working across the counselling professions.

Counselling Ethical Framework for Good Practice

We will consider carefully in supervision how we work with clients — see 60— Supervisors will keep accurate records of key points discussed in supervision. Our core principles are: This was hugely embarrassing for the BACP. We will maintain high standards of honesty and probity in all aspects of our work. These were in responding to the perceived risk gacp client suicide and to the issue of defining and prohibiting sexual relationships between counsellors and their clients.

It is important also to register the role of political and resourcing factors at work in Mid-Staffs, such as the drive for NHS Foundation Trust status, as contributory forces in the apparent collapse of normal nursing and medical standards in certain wards at that time Jenkins, a.

The presentation of the law in support of the Ethical Framework thus becomes a crucially important aspect, in achieving their full understanding and compliance.

It led to the current stricter membership categories and vetting controls which now characterise admission. We have agreed that we will: It also enhances the interaction between the two by promoting transparency and thus helping create equality between the client and the counsellor.

Professional relationships will be conducted in a spirit of mutual respect. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Good Practice in Action Resources to help members engage with the Ethical Framework, including commonly asked questions, fact sheets, legal resources, research overviews and other supplementary guidance.

Exploring the new Ethical Framework involves addressing two inter-related questions. Working within an ethical framework not only protects the client, but also the counsellor. One is that the Ethical Framework is to be underpinned by legal guidance, much of which has yet to be finalised.


Is it ethical for a husband to continue receiving life counselling from the same marriage counsellor that we both consulted with, if we are now getting divorced? What next for whistle-blowing in the NHS? The fundamental values of counselling include respecting human rights and dignity, ensuring clients are safe, maintaining a professional counsellor-client relationship, and counsellor commitment to keeping up to date with the discipline via research and continued professional development.

Trainees working with each other will: It is hard to overstate the continuing psychological impact of this on the organisation and its membership. I, believe, I have 2 of the best therapist available, so all is well.

This is an astute move which neatly heads off any temptation for coaches to set up their own separate professional organisation. This has involved a major process of rewriting, consultation, comparison with other ccode professional codes and membership acclimatisation prior to its introduction in Developing the new Ethical Framework Following an extensive review and consultation, the new Ethical Framework came into effect on 1 July Our fundamental values include a commitment to: Resilience — being capable of working with client concerns without being personally diminished.

Inevitably, this also will involve frequent reference to the writing and influence of Tim Bond, chief architect of the new framework. This shift towards the primarily external reference point of medical ethics to validate changes to the ethical framework may be unconvincing for some BACP members.