BALDUR’S GATE 2 – SHADOWS OF AMN. In the original Baldur’s Gate game you learned that you were one of the Bhaalspawn, the children of Bhaal, the dead. Welcome to our Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the. Walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate II. Chapter 1. Escape the Dungeon. Chapter 2. Earn Some Gold. Chapter 3. Attack Vampire Guild Attack Shadow Thieves.

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If you want Keldorn in your party and feel bad about this, just remember that he can wear any armor he wants, while your Monk can only wear Keldorn’s. That usually does the trick. Concentrate the monster group farther away from the doorway. Pause again before anyone actually walks over and starts talking to him and force-attack him while he still has gwte blue circle around badurs.

Before you can set sail, Desharik, the Pirate Lord, will appear and try to stop you. The Elven Priest Stone in the Priest’s house above will give you a clue for opening it.

Mike’s RPG Center – Baldur’s Gate II – Walkthrough

Then once they are all created, click the little Check icon by each created characters, and then click the “Done” button. Repeated with summoning creatures large and small, until the dragon stopped using his special attacks You can also ask them for advice. Stoneskin, Blur, Mirror image, Fireshield for mages. Temporarily set Strength to 18 for everyone in the area, including enemies.

The Sahuagin will take you to baldurx underwater city.

Potentially, then, you could have a party of as many people as you want, just import and export as needed. Upon completing the sale, you’ll notice the cost will drop to the price as if you only selected a single copy of each item. Equip him with Stoneskin, several items that grant magical gaet, and the ring of free action.


This may be due to the death of Dynaheir — whom he was sworn to protect — but he seems to rely far too much on Boo, his pet hamster. In order to get a positive ending with Aerie, you must choose to NOT sleep with her.

To the west, you will have to defeat the Wraith Sarevok to get the first Tear. The gates will open and you will be questioned. The other way to get in is to defeat Perth the Adept in the northeast corner of Brynnlaw and take the wardstone from his body.

Wizard eye can tank like no other, as long you get the monster to attack it. Use blunt weapons to destory the Golem. Go to the Slums and kill Gaelan Bayle in his home. With a girdle of strength and a successful backstab at level nine or ten, he does at least forty-five or so damage – keep him perpetually hidden for extra backstabbing fun.

Low-Spoiler Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough (Shadows of Amn)

A thief hidden in the shadows can’t actively detect traps; but an invisible thief can, and this power makes him ever so much more valuable than a meandering normal thief.

To the southeast, the demon Fear will offer to give you an evil Cloak of Bravery made from the skins of innocent nymphs. Also counts as desperate measures for handling one measly demon, but it does the job quite effectively. These are listed by the level you get the character at.

You know how if your reputation hits 19, evil people will leave the party? Not if you have the Tansheron’s Bow from one of the Merchants in Trademeet.


Once the last one is dead you will find Kurtulmak’s Crystal Shard. Make sure to surround him from several sides, so that he won’t be able to breath on 2 or 3 characters at once.

Strange Things Final Words Soon after you will gain a new ability, to become the Avatar of Bhaal, the Slayer. Look for your Junk. In the next areafind a secret door in the northwest corner and defeat all the kobolds.

Leave the inventory and unpause. Yoshimo — Bounty Hunter, oh sure he isn’t a long term solution, but that is exactly where Imoen returns. Valygar comes with several magical items, such as his family Armor, that makes up for his being a mere Stalker.

Now get your personal buff spells up: Meet Phaere in the Female Fighter’s Society.

The apparition will judge you sane and will grant you freedom. I made them all Lawful or Neutral Good to allow 20 rep. You’ll eventually face a high komplett,sung wizard, who will cast time stop and summon a pit fiend. If you choose the hero’s task, go to the Docks District and enter the Shadow Thief Guildhall from the south entrance on the second floor. If you go through the door on the right, the companion will be killed. For example, I killed the red dragon while virtually no one was severely hurt by: Say you are Veldrin from Ched Nasad and you will be allowed entrance into the city.

My sorcerer spell picks: Since Mind flayers have to hit your Fighter in melee they have to make a critical hit to drain the fighters brain. I used normal weapons in that case.