BANGLADESH NATIONAL. BUILDING CODE. Inbri Housing and Building Research Institute .. LIST OF PARTICIPANTS OF THE WORKSHOP ON BNBC. Bangladesh national Building Code Part 1 – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text BNBC Part 03 – General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation. Bangladesh National Building Code BNBC. Copyright: © All Rights . buildings and structures or their components regulated by this code. Reinforcing bars otherwise conforming to BDS ISO ‐, shall also possess material.

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Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC-2006)

Buildingg changes shall be permitted only when the land use and the building complied with the provisions of this Code and the laws of the land for such group of Occupancy. Every bailer, central heating plants, electrical rooms, or hot water supply boiler shall be separated from the rest of the occupancy or use by not less than two hour fire resistive construction.

Buildings having three storeys or more height, the floor immediately above the design flood level shall be accessible with an exterior stair. Any solid including blasting agent or explosive that is liable to cause fire through absorption of moisture, spontaneous chemical change or retained heat nqtional manufacturing or processing, or which buildkng ignited burns so vigorously and persistently as to create a serious hazard.

Bangladesh National Building Code

Definition of hazard and the amount of such materials which shall be deemed to render a building hazardous are set forth in Sec 2.

Non-flammable, non-toxic gases Division 2. These buildings shall ordinarily provide accommodation for sleeping, dining and other provisions approved by the authority for the occupants. The venting shall be provided to prevent serious structural nnbc and production of lethal projectiles. This Occupancy shall be subdivided as follows: F Storage, repair, or painting, including the incidental J sales of boats, boat parts, or natiional, with F restrictions on boat size and setbacks Maximum Quantities in No.

G or J depending on process or material used Limited as to number of lanes When water skimmers are used for private pools there shall be one skimming device for each 50 m2 of surface area or fraction thereof.


The floor of the stage may be constructed with one hour fire rating materials. Published by All openings in such separations shall be protected with a fire protection assembly door or window of at least one-half hour fire resistance. Such rooms or groups of rooms shall comply with the requirements of fire protection as specified in Part 4, Chapters 4 and 5.

Any building or portion thereof that exceeds the limitations provided bangladesj this Chapter shall be classified in the occupancy group other than Bangladehs that it most nearly resembles. The three hour fire resistive separation wall or slab shall provide a fire resistance of not less than three hour.

Institution for care Occupancy D: The storage and use of all nafional substances and goods shall be controlled as per provision of this Code and explosive control act. The storage of moderate and low hazardous materials shall be separated at least by a two hour fire resistive construction. The vents shall be designed to relieve at a maximum internal pressure of 1.

Residential Buildings This occupancy type shall include any building or portion thereof providing sleeping buildin living accommodations to related or unrelated groups of people, with or without independent bathroom, cooking or dining facilities, except any building classified under Occupancy Banglafesh or D. The words you are searching are inside this book.

Part 3 General Building Requirements, Control and Regulation i Pyrophoric solids or liquids not exceeding natiknal m3 in storage cabinet located in a building that is equipped throughout with an automatic sprinkler system provided in accordance with the fire protection provisions of this Code. Combustible liquids shall be classified as follows: The containment capacity shall be capable of containing the outflow from the drains for a period of at least one hour. Substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases Bangladesh National Building Code The devices that generate a spark, flame or glow capable of igniting gasoline shall not be installed or used within 0.

To get more targeted content, please make full-text search bangladwsh clicking here. Buildings up to two storeys high shall have accessible roof with an exterior stair. A chemical that banyladesh median lethal dose of mg or less bahgladesh kg of body weight when administered by continuous contact for 24 hours or less if death occurs within 24 hours with the bare skin of albino rabbits weighing between 2 and 3 kg each.

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The four hour fire resistive separation wall or slab shall have no unprotected openings therein and shall provide a fire resistance for at least three hour. Any chemical used for the control of rats and termite shall be free from environmental hazards. There shall be one floor level ventilator and one roof level ventilator for every 0. Industrial Buildings Buildings under this Occupancy shall be subdivided on the basis of hazard potential of the contents and the processes of the industry.

Such failures may occur in hilly areas, where the angle of slope is greater than Bangladesh National Building Code Business These shall include any building or portion thereof which is used for any business transaction other than mercantile.

Bangladesh National Building Code: Part – 03

For two or more buildings on the same plot, distances of imaginary lines equidistant from all side of buildings shall be considered as the required fire separation distances. Hazardous Buildings Any Building or portion thereof used as storage, industrial, research and other facilities dealing with hazardous material in excess of exempted quantity defined in the Table 3.

Miscellaneous Dangerous Substances and Articles The quantity and procedure for storage, merchandising, handling, processing, packaging, transportation, shipment and uses of all dangerous goods of above classification shall be regulated as per guidelines of Explosive Act and other relevant Acts and as per rules of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation for safe handling of container for dangerous goods. Thickness of a wooden floor shall not be less than 50 mm. Some of these classes are subdivided into divisions also.

Very insensitive substances which do not have a mass explosion hazard. Any noncorrosive chemical or substance which causes a reversible inflammatory effect on living tissues natiohal chemical action at the site of contact.

The venting design shall recognize the natural characteristics and behaviors of building materials in an explosion.

Corrosive Substances Class 9: Radioactive Material Class 8: Flammable Liquids Class 4: