Exposition of the Sutra of Brahma’s Net. Edited and Translated by A. Charles Muller. Published by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism. Distributed by the. At that time, he contemplated the wonderful Jewel Net hung in Lord Brahma’s palace and preached the Brahma Net Sutra for the Great Assembly. He said. SÅ«tra of the Brahma Net: Rocana Buddha Pronounces the Chapter on the Bodhisattva Precepts Arising from the Mind Ground. Translated from Sanskrit into .

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And Suppiya too stopped there for the night with his pupil Brahmadatta. BB renders this “rationalist”, which is somewhat misleading.

Nor does he understand the perfect enlightenment nature [of a Buddha].

Brahmajala Sutta (Theravada)

And what are these matters? If a Bodhisattva drinks or incites others to drink alcohol, it is a minor sin. The Buddha said that there are 18 types of eternalistic belief, all based on one of these four origins. Each flower supports a brahmajaoa million worlds; in each world a Sakyamuni Buddha appears. Curiously, there is no mention of abstaining from intoxicants, but instead a reference to “damaging seeds and crops”. Wrong view 9 – If one, with no understanding of the Dharma, acts as a teacher and imparts the precepts to others, it is a minor sin.

Although ancient Chinese masters doubted these ages, they were cautious not to change them. And if I were distressed, that would be a hindrance to me. Wrong view number 2: As animals walk parallel to the earth, so this kind of talk does not lead upward DA.

Brahmajala Sutra (Mahayana) – Wikipedia

We would also appreciate your feedback on Chinese Buddhist Encyclopedia. Each and every world is different, its variety infinite. I don’t not say it is not.

He should be seated high, honored with offerings of incense and flowers. In the same cycle, they were reborn as ascetic Manopadosika gods, achieved the ability to remember their past life, and came to the conclusion, “Had we not been envious, we would have stayed strong and intelligent.

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Moral progress is virtually impossible outside the human state, so that they are actually fortunate to fall back to that state. A disciple of the Buddha must not himself broadcast the misdeeds or infractions of Bodhisattva-clerics or Bodhisattva-laypersons, or of [ordinary] monks and nuns — nor encourage others to do so. One should frequently deliver others by teaching them the Bodhisattva precepts. He should not create the causes, conditions, methods, or karma of selling any intoxicant whatsoever, for intoxicants are the causes and conditions of all kinds of offenses.

Non-Buddhists and those holding the wrong views are mindless, like wood or stone. You and Bodhisattvas who have activated the bodhi mind should also recite them.

Those ascetics and Brahmins who say it is finite and bounded are wrong. DA thinks of an iron ball used for brahmauala But when the self, with the waning of delight, dwells in equanimity, brahmaiala 68 ] mindful brahmajapa clearly aware, [ 69 ] experiencing in his brahmajaal body that joy of which the Noble Ones say: For the Theravada text of the same namesee Brahmajala Sutta.

Inviting particular monks is the way of non-Buddhists, not taught by the past seven Buddhas. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. One who has violated the precepts is no different from an animal or a block of wood. They all will be called foremost in purity.

If one fails to do so, it is a minor sin. This is the third case. Buddha finally concludes the exposition of these ‘wrong’ beliefs by stating that these 62 beliefs, if they are believed, will certainly cause agitations and cravings.

The proponent of these beliefs declared that after death, existence simply vanished Atta vanished. As he recalled it, he came to the conclusion that creatures, including himself, are not eternal, had limited age, were vulnerable to brahmaala, but that Brahma is eternal, ageless, and changeless. For here is the wanderer Suppiya finding fault in all sorts of ways with the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, while his pupil Brahmadatta in various ways defends them.


But we who were created by that Brahma, we are impermanent, unstable, short-lived, fated to fall away, and we have come to this world. But at the breaking-up of the body and the exhaustion of the life-span, Devas and humans will see him no more. Now, I, Vairocana Buddha, am sitting atop a lotus pedestal; on a thousand flowers surrounding me are a thousand Sakyamuni Buddhas.

One should then brahmajalaa explain the true Dharma to him, opening his mind and enabling him to understand.

Brahma Net Sutra – Dhamma Wiki

The difference between this and piti may seem subtle brahmakala is important. He eats once a day and not at night, refraining from eating at improper times. The Buddha then makes an analogy of a fisherman using a fine-meshed net to catch the fish in the pond. Merit Punna is sutr wholesome action, leading to a favorable rebirth. The names of the ten oceans of worlds hrahmajala the ten directions of the world of Lotus Flower Store are given in fascicle 6 Ibid.

Even if the king is assassinated by someone, one should not take revenge. And whatever ascetics or Brahmins are Eternalists and proclaim the eternity of the self and the world, they do so on one or other of these four grounds. A monk is expected to abstain from sexual conduct entirely.

One should not eat any of these five even if mixed with other food. When receiving the Bodhisattva precepts, in the top grade is to brahhmajala them before Buddhas and holy Bodhisattvas.