Refer to the information presented at the end of the catalogue. .. 4 Leroy- Somer – IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors – en – / h IMfinity® It can be used in numerous processes (automotive, food industries, etc.) /Al; /Al; /Al; The LEROY-SOMER range of drip-proof 3-phase motors to modify the design, technical specifications and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue. Leroy-Somer – Asynchronous CPLS motors for variable frequency – en – / f. Introduction P: catalogue power. asynchronous motor catalogue. Industries), latest edition, to the extent that they do not conflict with the.

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Synthetic oils have the advantage of being effective in severe conditions extreme variations of temperature, harsh chemical environments, etc.

Electric Motor: Leroy Somer Electric Motor

Low Voltage Alternators – 4 pole. Hybrid bearings for electrical machinery Electrically insulating – higher speeds – longer grease life SKF hybrid bearings increase service life Electric current damages bearings When a stray current in.

Torque motors direct drive technology Why Direct Drive Motors? In no event shall the Client use, transfer, release, export or re-export the Products, related services or technology in violation of Trade Compliance Laws. An approximation of these variations is given in the table opposite precise values for each motor can be supplied on request. Sincevoltages at the point of delivery have to be maintained between the following extreme values: In applications More information.

Percentage imbalance Stator current Increase in losses Temperature rise Derating facotr Percentage voltage imbalance D Phase current imbalance Voltage imbalances induce current imbalances. ETP hub-shaft connections The ETP hub-shaft connections are today regarded as the natural range to choose from for professional machine design.

If required, the terminal box may be fitted in a different position on the left or right as seen from the drive end. Electrical and mechanical data en – 6. Products and specifications subject to change without notice. National Electrical Manufacturers Failure to comply with said procedure shall exempt the Seller from any liability.

The intervals between greasing will be about half of those shown in the table. Totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase motors with cast iron frame Sizes 71 to0.


With the exception of the Seller s gross negligence and the compensation of bodily injury, the Seller s liability shall be limited, in total, to the contractual amount, exclusive of tax, of the Product s that give s right to compensation. If this imbalance is known before the motor is purchased, it is advisable, in order to establish the type of motor required, to apply the derating specified in standard IECillustrated on the graph opposite.

PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to 900 kw Technical catalogue

Said qualification will also enable the Client to ensure that the Products comply with the technical specification. In any case, the warranty is limited to the replacement or repair of the parts or Products deemed faulty by the Seller s technical departments. Seller shall have no obligation to supply any Products, or services unless and until it has received any necessary licences or authorisations or has qualified for general licences or licence exceptions under Trade Compliance Laws.

IP 23 machine 10 5 kg 40 cm Impact energy: The soluble additives are the same as those used in lubricating oils: Clear indication of oil level inside transformer tank and on load.

Leroy-Somer – Catalogue Industrie

Associated costs shall be invoiced in addition. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The warranty does not apply where the defect results, in particular, from: It must be emphasized infustrie sensors cannot be used to carry out direct adjustments to the motor operating cycles.

Upon completion of Basics of AC Motors you should be able to: Oil and gas industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Agribusiness Without More information.

Bearings can be lubricated with grease, oil or, in certain cases, with a solid lubricant. The Products to be repaired must be dispatched carriage paid, to the address given by the Seller.

Inddustrie ambient operating temperature IEC S: Pleasants Company James M. The two main types used to make grease are mineral oils and synthetic oils. They can be used both as vacuum pumps and compressors. Complete each chapter and its review section More information.

As well as lubrication itself and the operating temperature, the amount of lubricant should be judged by considerations such as sealing and heat dissipation. All activities resulting in the final version of the machine have therefore received official ISO Index of protection I cl.


Please state cable characteristics type and supplier, inddustrie, length, number of conductorsconnection method on stator coil end turns, or on a separate paneland the cable gland position required. Squirrelcage motors Dimension sheet generator: Other international standards, including More information.

Consisting of a threaded stud with a hexagonal nut, catallgue is used to connect cables with cross-sections at least as large as the crosssection of the phase conductors. On request, the terminal boxes can be supplied with drill holes, without cable glands. However, the Client shall be required to pay the industrrie agreed pertaining to the Products already delivered on the date of termination.

Extract from the online catalog. Position switches FR series Position switches FR series Selection diagram 01 A1 08 02 A2 A4 05 A5 external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket external rubber gasket 21 25 4 69 5 stainless More information. In the event that a delivery of Products is delayed for a reason not attributable to the Seller, the Products stored on the Seller s premises shall be insured at the exclusive risk of the Client.

Explosion proof enclosures 1 of 7 Explosion proof enclosures DE8 C 2 of 7 The Ex d enclosures are rugged and designed for harsh environment like: However, the Client shall retain the possibility of specifying the characteristics on which its commitment is contingent.

Where the Client is located out of French territory, invoices shall be payable in cash upon receipt, or by a bank draft or a bill of exchange, within 30 thirty days net.

Repair, modification or replacement of any part or Product during the warranty period may not result in the warranty period being extended.

These values are average values and are to be used for information only.