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As an argument such forums can serve as a useful starter in the area of faculty development. Reflecting Education, 4, 17— The current paper has benefited from the feedback received during the conference.

What’s New in Diigo v.

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Teaching in 21st century has become big challenge for traditional and novice teachers. How to Use a Flip Video Camera http: On the point that whether joining the forum has resulted in any improvement, all the respondents have overwhelmingly agreed to the point. For faculty skill development those activities should be pursue which are above the level of faculty and help in teaching students.

Raised subject knowledge has been considered the natural result of improved reading habit fietype most of the filetyps.

Recognizing deductive process in qualitative research. Teaching in Higher Education, 16 2— The growing ayol of examination on this point reflects institutional difficulties in recognizing effective measures to provide continuous professional development to the faculty in virtual teaching environment. Filetye forum also developed and strengthened the reading habit of its members, which further contributed to the enhancement of subject knowledge. The study has used single holistic case study filettpe, and the data from nine respondents have been collected through an interview schedule divided into four sections of 1 Basic Information, 2 Presentation Skills, 3 Subject Knowledge and 4 Research Orientation as per the objectives of the study.


What is an ePortfolio? Virtual learning environments always demand teaching brilliance in terms of subject expertise and effective presentation skills from the novice teachers to deliver high quality education to students.

Subject Knowledge It has been identified from the analysis of responses that MRCG has enhanced the subject knowledge of its members in three ways. Ed Tech Widgets http: Purposive sampling was used for this study, which is also known as judgmental sampling, or criterion-based sampling.

MRCG organizes its sessions on weekly basis in which one faculty member presents its prepared topic to the other members of the forum. Multiple presentations by a member, ideas from presentations of peers, urge to present dry research topics in acceptable ways were the factors which have led to the development of creative ways of presentation in members as reported by most of respondents.

Tiny url for full recording: Faculty development for online teaching as a catalyst for change.

Saturday, October 17, Time: He further defines content analysis in the following way: Implications and Future research Finding of this research highlights the importance of capacity building forms in virtual teaching environment where teachers seldom get chance to interact with their students face-to-face. Only five respondents akyoll responded to this question.


The content will focus on creating student-centered interactive portfolios using generic Web 2.

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Such activities have increased the sense of responsibility in fildtype its members to deliver well on time. Lesson plans and resources for different curriculum subjects. Research Orientation Almost all respondents have confirmed that MRCG has not only met their research needs but has also positively affected their work life in shaping their aptitude for research. It can also cihst theorized that in virtual environments where faculty members lack the learning opportunities and exposure available in conventional environments, such forum like MRCG can prove to be very effective in the capacity building of the faculty.

What is the purpose of copyright?

When image is everything, here are some great ways to find one. Social research methods 2nd ed. Mostly in virtual teaching environment teachers are more active on learning management systems LMS rather than standing in a traditional classroom to deliver the lectures.