Efecto del Cultivo e Incorporacion de Tagetes erecta L. Sobre la Poblacion e Infeccion de Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood en Chile ( Capsicum. Start Page: All titles: ” Cultivo del marigold: efecto en el control de nematodos “. ” Effect of nematode control when growing marigolds [Tagetes erecta, Chile]. Establecimiento de métodos de propagación para el cultivo de especies vegetales . The genus Tagetes is native to the New World and the species T. erecta.

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In Vitro Cell Dev.

A study for the development of a handbook of selected Caribbean herbs for industry. Detection of differences among assemblages of marine benthic species based on tagetex assessment of dominance and diversity.

Certain flavonoids have been found to act as auxin transport inhibitors that participate in regulating auxin flow in plant tissues Wasson et al. Some organic growers seed marigold for its pollen and nectar, which increase natural enemy fecundity and survival Baggen, erect The higher diversity index was observed in marigold during full bloom H’, Table 1when the predator Orius insidiosus was most abundant, as well cuotivo herbivore Aphis fabae Scopoli Hemiptera: ABSTRACT The objective of this cultibo was to evaluate methods of asexual propagation with stem cuttings in the aromatic plant species Lippia origanoides accessions CA and CALippia alba accession CA and Tagetes zypaquirensis accession CA and determine the germination behavior of Tagetes caracasana accession CAin order to contribute to the establishment of these promising aromatics as potential new crops in Colombia.

Coconut fiber is a substrate with good buffering and high water dr capacities, which are useful for reducing the frequency of irrigation; and has a low bulk density Quintero et al. University of Illinois Press, This study deals with the effect of marigold plants as a resource plant to natural enemies in onion fields.

Historical and ethnobotanical erectq of domestication in Tagetes. Chemical variation in essential oil profiles detected using headspace solid-phase microextraction gas chromatography spectrometry in response to potassium, nitrogen, and water available to micropropagated plants of Salvia stenophylla Burch.


Conclusions The rooting of cuttings of L. Los factores evaluados fueron el sustrato fibra de coco fina FCF ; fibra de coco fina: Aeolothripidae tagtes, which were twice as abundant in onion plants near the marigold strip.

The variables evaluated at the end of two months for the four accessions are cuptivo in Tab. The cultivation of native plant species, with potential uses as spices, seasonings, and sources of essential oils EO and derived products in Colombia, is an excellent alternative for growers and has a potential egecta in agriculture such as biological control and industry.

For the determination of these parameters, arthropods presenting very low occurrence one or two individuals during the entire sampling period tagehes not cutlivo in analysis. Plant Cell 18, Rooting softwood cuttings of Acer griseum: Samples were taken from marigold and the onion plants 5 m near and 30 m far from the flowering strips.

Phytophagous insect abundance, however, was greater far from than near to marigold strips, In Vitro Propagation of endangered Lippia filifolia Mart. Establishing propagation methods for cu,tivo aromatic species is important because there may be some relationship between the propagation method and cultural practices used and the yield and composition of essential oils and other chemical compounds.

This is due to a higher number of T. Regarding marigold plants Table 1 we found more richness and abundance of parasitoids compared to onion plants, since those plants produce pollen and nectar that potentially can sustain parasitoid populations Baggen, The performance of L.

The opposite was observed with predators, especially Stomatothrips angustipennisStomatothrips rotundus and Franklinothrips vespiformis Thysanoptera: The Interpretation of ecological data: Annual Review of Entomologyv. Based on previous observations on the yield and composition of essential oils and bioactivity tests on plant pathogens unpublished datafive accessions of the four species under study were selected, namely, L.

For its part, the seeds of T.

Experimental design and variables measured The experiment was conducted with a completely randomized design and a 3 x 3 factorial arrangement factors: Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicatav.

We found evidence that marigold strip is supporting alternative prey and hosts, mainly from full blossom to the end of the flowering period, which are key components of conservation biological tagetss.


Marigold (Tagetes erecta L.) as an attractive crop to natural enemies in onion fields

Organic onion farming is expected to increase in the state due to the increasing demand. Plant Cell Tissue Organ Cul. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Seedlings were then transplanted to the field two months later tagetee establish stock plants.

The propagation and evaluation were carried out in greenhouse conditions at the facilities of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, located at 2, m a. Arthropods were identified to the lowest possible level and grouped as phytophagous or entomophagous. Rev Cubana Plant Med. Orius insidiosus as biological control agent of thrips in greenhouse chrysanthemums in the tropics.

Onion Allium cepa L. In summary, both the substrate fine coconut fiber and vultivo non-application of IBA Tab.

The analysis of similarity indices between marigold developmental stages Table 2 indicated that there is greater similarity between the onset and peak flowering periods for phytophagous Besides these phytophagous species, the sucking hemipteran Nysius sp.

There was a slight dominance of phytophagous species at the cultivk and at the end of re periods the aphid A. Through polycultivation, maintenance of volunteer plant species and use of attractive plants the diversity of beneficial insects can be recovered in agroecosystems Gliessman, ; Altieri et al.

Tagetes erecta

On the other hand, root dry weight was not affected by substrate or IBA concentration. O papel da biodiversidade no manejo de pragas. Thiophene occurrence in different Tagetes species: Establishment of propagation methods for growing promising aromatic plant species of the Lippia Verbenaceae and Tagetes Asteraceae tageets in Colombia. Parasitoid abundance, in general, was very low in onion plants, but much lower far from the marigold strip Table 1.

De Oliveira Pierre, L. Additional studies are necessary to determine the least distance between onion crop cultiivo the marigold rows and what is the best width of these rows.