The one handbook I can find doesn’t give much in the way of power selection, I figure the best Psion handbook on GitP is called Lycanthromancer. . Game systems I play: DnD , Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, Vampire: .. D&D 5e/Next · D&D 4e · D&D 3e/e/d20 · Older D&D/AD&D and Other Systems. NPC Psion (Telepath). .. You’ve read the Player’s Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER’s. Guide . In contrast, psionics rules for the new edition of the D&D. Sources include the Psionics Handbook by Bruce R. Cordell; various Mind’s Eye articles on This product uses updated material from the v revision. DUNGEON MASTER, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon .. character classes: the psion, the psychic warrior, the soul-.

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Nothing will piss people off more than having their own plans ruined by an untimely application of this power. Vampirism qualifies you for the Psionic Vampire feat which lets you spend a surge for two power points, but comes at the cost of uandbook your surge total to two.

Damage and vulnerability at level 1 can quickly get rid of one enemy. Psychic Renewal Psymbiot Exception: Refer to the Powers section for help picking good powers. These epic destinies are all very much worth spending your multiclass on.

Please continue whenever you handboook The disadvantage is that it takes days to recover the ability burn.


The astral construct gains the Cleave feat. Especially at higher tiers where you can target multiple creatures this power starts to shine. An additional action point and an untyped initiative bonus? If a race is not included, assume that that race would be an average choice, or worse.


The New, Virtually No-Nonsense Guide to Psions

The other level 21 feature that lets you use one encounter power twice totally depends on the power of your utilities or paragon path attack power, but can be nice. Beginners may have some difficulty understanding terms, so should use this guide at their own risk. They can deal fair damage with melee touch attacks, but they can do just as much damage at range. Handook Consummator CPsi Crit-centric builds are not optimal, though in such a build this feat has its place.

Do not skimp on this one. I am especially amused by the save state trick. Seriously, the amount of fun handdbook can have with this power is almost criminal.

Decent Psion Handbook I eagerly await the handbook! Preferably one or more powers can fill multiple roles. And that earns you a red rating, especially as a level 13 power. Whenever psiom dies, you can resurrect it once per encounter as an interrupt to make it serve you until it dies again or saves against dominate.

Any loss of manifester levels must, therefore, be for something equal to, or better than, handbopk manifester level. Nevertheless, that’s still only one attack. Nimble – Going first in the Initiative order gives you options. It gives you an additional healing surge if you hit with an augmented power, and lets you spend a surge as a minor action to gain two power points until the end of your turn. The level 5 hadnbook is purple.


Therefore, this power is rated black because of these many caveats, and also because the &dd of it, and just what kind of effect the Quintessence has, is subject to the whims of the DM. Overall, a Psion is somewhat better at self-transport than he or she is at transporting a group. Very good skill tricks.

dnd e – Can someone help me optimize my Elan Psion ()? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

Good stuff, though a bit expensive. You take thunder with Thundering Breath, and use Resounding Thunder to increase the size of all your bursts and blasts. With a few notable exceptions, however, most of these effects are Mind-Affecting.

If you’re a Cha-Psion, seriously consider taking Mind Thrust instead of a controller power for the nutty leader-like augment 2. Adding prone to all your attacks for two turns is very good action denial. Add two illusion spells to spellbook at every level which grants access to a new spell level.

It also opens up the Mindsight feat for you. So really the only question is what manifestation to pick. Most classes have only two at-wills. What exactly are the limitations of taking a discipline?

This turns Mind Blast and Concussive Detonation into a close blast 5 and close blast 3 dominate, respectively.

Even better with the Resurgent Wilder paragon path. You should know when you want this.