THE INDIAN UPRISING Source for information on The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. By: William T. Hathaway “The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme is an iconic short story of the s heralding the defeat of the US empire. The Indian Uprising has 9 ratings and 1 review. Glenn said: The Indian Uprising is among the most popular of Donald Barthelme’s stories, one I.

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The Indian Uprising by Donald Barthelme. Meanwhile Sylvia betrays the narrator by joining the Indians in their uprising. They are useless, turned inward, effete. Most of the story’s other characterssome critics have argued, that they are not characters at all but vehicles for Barthelme’s verbal indiaan women, and images of love and war ijdian closely intertwined.

Michael Grogan rated it really liked it Mar 26, He was inspired by contemporary paintings and art films, and he wrote in a similar kind of disjointed, collage style — just placing interesting images together and letting the reader impose a structure on them.

These incidents and many others in the story raise the theme of skepticism, of being unable to know the truth about anything. When he decides that he knows nothing, the narrator goes to Miss R for instruction, who says she reveres only the “hard, brown, nutlike word,” Miss R alternates between berating the narrator and addressing him in fond endearments.

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They serve as projections of a generalized anxiety the uorising feels. What is it that actually binds the world together? The narrator is trying to understand his situation with an intellectual curiosity but is not able to.

Follow Us on Facebook. There are such happenings in the real world as cities besieged by armies, bagthelme as a staple of American historical lore is the frontier Indian attack. Barthelme’s attitude toward his father is delineated in the novels The Dead Father and The King dona,d he is pictured in the characters King Arthur and Lancelot. Is this a mental defending of past history, a defending or justifying the genocide of the Native Americans in previous centuries?


Depending on their orientation, people might answer, ethical human relationships or divine will or the law of gravity. Even the warfare is contrived, as during a particularly fierce struggle between “the forces of green and blue” across Skinny Wainwright Square.

Introduction & Overview of The Indian Uprising

Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Ironically, the outrage over the widespread use of hard drugs began once drug usage indjan addiction entered the fabric of middle class suburbia. Tualek Mini marked it as to-read Jun 06, Refresh and try again.

America, land of genocide Why are Indians attacking an American city in the 20th donlad Although they focus on the immediate world about jndian, they do so in a highly abstract way.

Some critics have identified the narrator as a member of the well-educated, affluent urban class, too smug and self-deluded to recognize what is going on around him. A door is what you close behind you when you leave, and what you use to shut things away out of sight.

A selection of his writing is available at http: The poet William Carlos Williams had an artistic credo that is appropriate here. Literary criticismNon-Fiction Tagged as: This mental jumping from the beautiful to the repugnant, from people to objects, treating everything, irrespective of barthellme, with the same emotional neutrality sounds like a grotesque form of postmodern leveling.

The consumer objects that clutter their lives give them little comfort. His latest book, Radical Peace: Read more from the Study Guide.

The Indian Uprising | Introduction & Overview

He is unhappy but is not sure why. Stella Tran rated it it was ok Oct 07, That depends on how you look at it and what you use indiwn for. Copyrights The Indian Uprising from Gale. The Genesis of a Cool Soundpublished in The narrator also longs for an unidentified “you”; this woman is apparently a star of pornographic films and may even be Sylvia.


Sylvia is an actress in erotic movies for whom the narrator is making a table out of a door.

They are trying to show that meaning is shifting and impermanent, that knowledge and communication are dubious and subjective, not dependable. Written as the USA was mired in a hopeless war, as Native-Americans and African-Americans were rebelling against oppression, and as women were breaking out of the traditional roles they had been confined to, the story predicted the victory of these insurgents over the feeble old order.

Barthelme’s independence also shows in his moving away from the family’s Roman Catholicism his mother was especially devouta separation that troubled Barthelme throughout his life as did the distance with his father. There are echoes here of early childhood, the infantile stage before object constancy is developed.

The Indian Uprising from Gale. Return to Book Page. Beginning his fictionist’s career in with a startlingly new stylistic approach in such little magazines as Contact and First PersonBarthelme by had broken into the pages of America’s most highly regarded venue for the short story. But maybe they are benevolent conquerors and send him to a reeducation camp.

“The Indian Uprising” by Donald Barthelme

Shelby rated it it was amazing Mar 13, Things like being beaten up by a dwarf in a bar on Tenerife. These descriptions are interlaced with seemingly unrelated comments directed at various women in his life as well as his accounts of his visits with Miss R.

They take the form of a cultural sophistication that is irrelevant to the struggle they are caught in. His second wife, Helen Barthelme, later uprisingg a biography entitled Donald Barthelme: