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These mathematics models may be used for analysis of signal distribution and their disturbances in different multiport structures and for the design of any optimum multiport devices. Introduction The oscillator is important in electrical and electronic engineering. This allowed to relate lightning stroke detections to these reported by the LINET, the commercial lightning location system.

View Ideas submitted by the community. It turns out that there they can, beyond any doubt. The topic of this paper is the family of Role-based Trust management languages RT which is used for representing security policies and credentials in decentralized, distributed, large scale access control systems.

Calculation of digital signal harmonic frequencies and digital equipment radiation interference is well documented in [1].

Exemplary calculations were performed for two typical linear systems.


It must be distributed uniformly in active zone. In this paper the influence of projections and significant radar system parameters on the final image resolution is considered. Energoelektronnika selection grid will considerably reduce the number of degrees of freedom while maintaining the accuracy of the results.

The radar level gauge is a source of the electromagnetic waves. An additional factor which makes the cranes working in open air slower are winds.

One of them, namely Rolling Sphere Method RSM has been suggested normatively as a most reliable one [6], but this suggestion arouses significant controversies [1].


By action of rotating magnetic field with magnetic flux density equal to 0,2 T these particles move along the magnetic field energoelekgronika and interact with other particles and with liquid substance.

Based on the relationship between the equivalent inductance and resistance of the motor measured and specified of the model, the parameters were determined. The output from the probe is a voltage corresponding to the measured component of the electric field intensity.

Biblioteka Główna Politechniki Warszawskiej – Elektrotechnika. Elektronika

Such characteristics make the SRM a strong set up to exploit the proposed solution. Thermal plasma is characterised by high current density, thermal power and gas temperature.

But in [2], too, voltage circuits are used, elktronika both for starting on the voltage of negative sequence, and for the identification of a damaged line. The developed FDFD method allows to the analysis of larger-scale models. This information can be used to aid in decision-making regarding which missions can be addressed to the UAV before the next recharge. In this environment there is a possibility of creating a model with a graphical user interface Simulinkwhich makes it simple to use and easy to modify.

The proposed scheme was successfully applied to a speed loop of a switched reluctance motor SRMwhich is known by its specific issues related to driving and control. The parameters of this model were determined experimentally. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. The paper presents mathematical models and properties of three type the scattering matrices for given multiport devices Fig.

An influence of errors of the measurement, caused by an inaccuracy energoelektrinika a detector is also taken into considerations. Introduction A long time the rotating magnetic field was used in induction electric motors, only.

As an example, was examined the effects of wave propagation around a column building with a frequency at 2. In the paper the experimental results of the vector controlled induction motor drive system under different conditions are presented. The levels of energpelektronika normalised power density, the normalised power per road length, the normalised energy density and the normalised energy per road length for road lighting situations were calculated.


The analytical expression of rotation velocity in any point of active zone is obtained dependently on any phase magnetic flux density vectors amplitudes and directions. A main objection is related to its basic criterial parameter, namely with the average value of electrical field distributed between lightning leader head and the prospective point to be struck regardless of its local conditions.

At the end we compared results from measurement of the components of the energeolektronika field intensity with the results from simulation based on the numerical method.

Unfortunately, sometimes due to financial in the case of busbars or technical usually resulting from the design of the object and the location of devices limitations, it is not always possible to introduce busbars. In addition, the article describes the energoelektfonika and elimination of false fire alarms by fire detectors measuring systems. The two pole inductor with concentrated diametric windings meets considerably better such requirements than four pole inductor.


This paper deals with the issue of analysis of influence of multipath channel propagation and co channel interference on operations of OFDMA receiver in the LTE downlink. The study analyses the effect of impulse front time and the line span length on errors made during these measurements using impulse meters.

The need for correction of normative methods for air termination dimensioning has been confirmed and the way for this correction depending on elektronikka lightning polarity has been proposed.

Waveforms and parameters of surges occurring in the low voltage power circuits are described.