Householder’s Guide” and the Borough Council’s own leaflet ‘A The planning application must comprise: 4 copies of the application forms,. 4 copies of the. Walton – Could we be Elmbridge Borough Council’s first BUSINESS Supporting Walton Cricket Club’s Walton Watchdog initiative, an online system enabling. WoTTA, with the support and funding of Elmbridge Borough Council, have plan for the town, with wide support from business, we can apply for funding and.

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Extra priority may be granted on the basis of need, such as medical need, domestic or racial abuse, or sexual borouh in the home.

Once reported via the WoTTA website, Vision On will then log these reports on the required council sites, if not already done. Crimes should councill reported on or online via: Walton-on-Thames Loves Oxted – press release from Elmbridge Borough Council The Walton-on-Thames Trading Alliance in partnership with Elmbridge Borough Council have visited the ‘Love Oxted’ team to learn from neighbouring towns as we continue our work to ensure Walton is a great place to live and work.

The police to implement procedures to collect CCTV footage in a more timely way to allow swifter identification of offenders. Attendees made it clear perception in Walton is borouyh there is no police presence in the town and limited reaction to reporting of crimes and, therefore, no consequences. Among other things we heard that characteristics of a good Vision and Priorities are: Can Walton have a more visible police presence?

Rent a home

Working on a Walton Trai l with a map to link all the historical places in the town, encouraging local residents to embrace the amazing history on their doorstep and encouraging tourism to the town. Anti-social behaviour letters and visits to parents are being made where appropriate, and any onward referrals made if some families require additional support or help.


It would be funded and run by businesses in a nominated area of Walton and would work on delivering a mandate of activities. To that end we were delighted to be able to pursuade Richard Meade to join us on the Steering Committee with responsibility for the Business Plan. To that end we have developed our Business Plan and share that with you below.

Following on from the second of ffiletype Visual Audit Tours of the town with WoTTA Mike Bessent – Crime Reduction Officer for Surrey Police – suggested various actions, including increasing Local Authority Enforcement Officer and Police patrols at the relevant times, possible infilling of the cricket pavilion and improvement in emptying and clearing litter as well as an increased number of litter bins.

See our full report on meeting below, and have a look at the presentation that was given to the Police by WoTTA.

And then we can publish it! Youth Centre At present the Youth Centre is not open at the weekends. No one in the meeting – police, residents or businesses – wants this to be the story for Walton.

The police would provide an increased presence in the town on Friday borpugh Saturday nights for one month, after which the situation would be reviewed. Check out this great report by the Hersham Hub on recently published crime figures for Elmbridge: We work together with local authorities to meet local housing elmgridge. Wellington Pub looking like it will be developed soon, which might improve the situation.


Crime Meeting – 10th May. Here’s a report from Walton Society about the results of the survey: A future that’s bright for Walton! After a brief few months to relax, he’s now on board again, this time agreeing to lead the charge on the Business Plan.

Future of Walton

If you’d like to join our ASB committee, whether a trader or concerned resident, please contact us. Walton Cricket Club are very frustrated with the situation and want a clear indication of what will be done to improve it. It has been reported that there is evidence of substance misuse, underage drinking, and sexual activity where these groups have been gathering, which has led to assaults, criminal damage and racially motivated crime and robbery for example.

Please note, the consultation is subject applivation a period of extension should it ofrm felt that further evidence is required.

Details of local authorities are listed below. Request an online account. Crime Meeting – 10th May. But the fact that a person is eligible for housing hiusing not guarantee an allocation – affordable housing is in short supply in the Housnig, and there is high demand for the available homes. As the WoTTA team are all volunteers, we could only manage 90 minutes all together, so a dynamic workshop ensued at the Civic Centre in Esher.