The EQUOTIP 2 portable hardness tester gives a measurement within seconds and is complete with internal data storage and RSC interface. 2 EQUOTlP/EQUOTIP 2 Hardness Tester. The hardness tester is designed for testing metallic materials, the hardness of which ranges from very low to very high. thin parts, profiles and pipes with a wall thickness ≤ 2 mm. • hardness profile in heat-affected zone of welding seams. EQUOTIP 2 Hardness measuring system.

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Combine with Leeb and Portable Rockwel. Versatile Leeb hardness tester for on-site testing of heavy, large or installed parts. Light objects With impact device Leeb C. Description Equotip Eqotip UCI creates new opportunities for collaboration in portable hardness testing. Easily share your measurements and reports in real-time worldwide. Instrument Firmware iOS app including free updates visit live.

Proceq Equotip 2 Hardness Tester | hardness

Instrument Firmware iOS app including free updates Hotspots with predefined shortcuts Audio output of readings allow to keep mobile in the pocket On-screen guides Verification and calibration esuotip for higher reliability.

On-screen feedback to reduce measurement inaccuracies caused by the operator. Please send me more information on Proceq Equotip 2 Hardness Tester. Cast objects With impact device Leeb G. Description Portable Rockwell hardness tester for scratch-sensitive, polished and thin parts. Limited accessibility With impact device Leeb DL. Logbook for full data traceability and to add media. Entry model for quick on-site tests.


Ideally suited for quick equoip hardness tests. The Equotip iOS app allows you to conduct measurements at a remote location and provide instant access of your results to your team.

Equotip Piccolo 2 only Language independent. It measures the Leeb value L for materials, which is a ratio of the impact velocity to the rebound velocity.?

Measuring Range — HL. The ultra portable Equotip Live Leeb D impact device is perfect for use in confined spaces. Additional Applications Prime mover hydraulic cylinder Automotive parts Differences in eqkotip Accuracy for small components Thin walled metal pipes Composite materials Steel rings Watch components Aging roadway metals Heavy and bulky forging eqquotip Extruded aluminum Medical wires Small components Leeb and Portable Rockwell combined Thermal cutting Gigantic saws.

Would you like to register your company on one of the UK’s largest and most effective Trade websites? Measuring Range 20 – HV. Display Any iOS device not included in the delivery.


Proceq’s latest innovation is Equotip Live featuring a wireless impact device, mobile app, real-time data sharing and cloud backup.

Your Benefits Combine with Leeb and Portable Rockwel On-screen feedback to reduce measurement inaccuracies caused by the operator Ready-to-go reports through powerful built-in reporting feature. 22 EquotipLink Setup V1. Equotip Piccolo 2 allows the transfer of the data to a PC. Very equoti; objects With impact devices Leeb S and E. Equotip for regular basic usage without extensive reporting needs. PC Software Equotip Link allowing direct reporting and custom reports.

Equotip Live UCI creates new opportunities for collaboration in portable hardness testing.

Your Benefits Entry model for quick on-site tests Compact housing and automatic angle correction allow flexible use Comes with the high accuracy known for all Equotip products. Instrument Firmware Personalized user profiles and views Integration in automated testing environments incl.

Equotip portable hardness testers – Leeb, Rockwell & UCI

Available Probes Leeb D. Instantly share your measurements and reports. Measuring Range – HL.