FRENIC-Lift. FRENICG11S/P11S. FRENICVG7S. User’s Manuals and Technical Information. FRENIC-Multi User’s Manual. FRENIC-Eco User’s. FRENIC-Lift is an inverter designed to drive a three-phase induction motor ( hereafter For details about this product, refer to the FRENIC-Lift User’s Manual that. The FRENIC-Lift Series of exclusive AC Drives for operation of elevators are FRENIC-Lift AC Drives are available in a series with capacities ranging from

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Release the mechanical brake.

FRENIC-Lift | Fuji Electric Global

CAN bus An abnormal communication with the main body of the inverter is detected when communication the CAN bus is used, and the inverter is stopped. Date of purchase Inquiries for example, point and extent of breakage, uncertainties, failure phenomena, and other circumstances Page Page 18 1 Remove all of the base fixing screws freenic the top and bottom of the inverter.

Page 31 These are provided for the DC link bus powered system. Chapter 6 Troubleshooting 1 First, check that the loft is correctly wired, referring to Chapter 2, Section 2.

Page 22 3 For inverters with a capacity of 30 kW or above Removing and mounting the cover To remove the front cover, loosen the four fastening screws, hold it with both hands, and slide it upward. In no event will Fuji Electric Co.


When the replacement is necessary, contact your Fuji Electric representative. Page 39 Table 2. Selecting function code data assigns the corresponding function to [X1] fgenic [ X1] to [X8] as listed below. C01 is eff ective during bat tery opera tion. To improve cooling efficiently, you can take the heat sink out of the equipment or the enclosure as shown on the right so that cooling is done both internally and externally this is called “external cooling”.

In this case, take countermeasures such as installing the inverter in a place that easily protects human body from electric shock. Page of Go. Follow the procedure below for wiring and configuration of the inverter. Page 41 Table 2.

The case fixing screws are not necessary in external cooling. For the inverters with a capacity of 22 kW or below, wait at least 5 minutes; for the inverters with a capacity of 30 kW or above, wait at least 10 minutes.

Fuji Electric FRENIC-Lift series Instruction Manual

Mounting the covers Put the front cover to the inverter case so that its bottom engages with the hinges provided on both sides of the case. Inquiries About Product And Guarantee 7. Read through this instruction manual and be familiar with the handling procedure for correct use. Table of Contents Preface Icons The following icons are used throughout this manual. Terminal Arrangement And Screw Specifications 2. Page 38 Table 2.


A dielectric strength test will cause breakage of the inverter similarly to the Megger test if the test procedure is wrong. Page 77 [ 16 ] Run operation error Problem You incorrectly operated the inverter.

Refer to Chapter 2 Section 2. Otherwise fire could occur.

Page 40 Table 2. Select an inverter according to the applicable motor ratings listed in the standard specifications table for the inverter. Using the optional multi-function keypad allows you to start and stop the motor, monitor running status, and switch to the menu mode.

The 1st week of January is indicated as ’01’. Page 25 Terminal board illustrated in except Figure A.

Page 59 H codes: Doing so could cause burns. The standard motor and the inverter motor are protected in the range of all the frequencies. Grounding terminals G Be sure to ground either of the two grounding terminals for safety and noise reduction.