Fastest Way to Learn GRE High Frequency Word List. Long since GRE came into picture, students have had a tough time remembering words. More so since the. With so many seemingly equally potent GRE word lists and Vocab lists, it often becomes difficult to narrow down on one GRE word list that would solve all their. The Wordbot keeps track of your level of mastery on a given word. It also keeps a track of when you last revised a word. It thus creates personalized wordlists.

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Debabrat Dash The pictures with real life situation are easier to remember compared to caricatures, as they create an immediacy.

GRE Word List – Theme based

Words are conveniently organized into lists of size Designed to Simplify Vocabulary Building! Answered Oct 23, Now the big question is, where can one find the high-frequency GRE words?

With more than GRE words to master, students resort to rote learning and get entangled in a plethora of flashcards. Learn Learn a word completely – its definition, synonyms, antonyms. You can thus learn words in an interesting manner, and at the same time improve your reading skills.

Kudos to the entire wordlisr for developing such an awesome application.

Apart from the articles that you feed into the App, we have also loaded many editorial like articles on various subjects such as politics, society, personality etc. However if you can’t guess it, don’t worry apart from the listed GRE words there are lots of examples involving the word usage that ultimately helps you remember and retain the word.


It gives a flash card for the word with its meaning, usage and part of speech. Related Woedlist — Sometimes to understand the meaning of the GRE words, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the related and similar words also. The WordBot also helps the words endure longer in your memory.

What students have to say about WordBot.

I recommend this free tool to all my students who are appearing their GRE exams. Grammarly’s free writing app makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Moreover, using wrong techniques to learn words can create a whirlwind of confusion in your mind.

It has an excellent collection of GRE words. ETS does not prescribe an official word list. You can tag your note as public or private. The mnemonic image will serve as an aid to memory.

GRE Word lists and Word list related online Apps

Synonyms and antonyms – Sometimes a few words appear alien to us and difficult to remember but we do understand the meaning of its synonyms or antonyms. Everything you need to know! This in turn helps us to learn the original word.

A recommended gredege order — As I mentioned earlier, learning the GRE words in an alphabetical order is found to be ineffective in most cases. A theme based GRE word list is an easier way to understand and retain new words.

What we have done is, categorize and list the words according to themes like nature, mood, feelings, attitudes, interaction, actions, places etc.

GRE Word List – Master GRE Words with unique techniques | GREedge

Revise Revise the words that you have already learned – test your ability to recollect words learnt in the past and learn new aspects of the word. Top 10 mistakes to avoid while writing your SOP! Your Stats help you keep track of your progress on the words.


When the clock is ticking and the time is short, high frequency GRE words can be very effective. Since your learning data is on the cloud, you can seamlessly switch between your mobile, tablet, and your workstation. Nevertheless, simply knowing the meaning of the words does not guarantee your ability to solve verbal questions. So, you can have a dose of the GRE Words of the day during your bus commute, during coffee breaks, while waiting in long queues, while waiting for your order to come in eateries; pretty much from anywhere and at any time.

Furthermore, manhattan’s verbal practice questions also have several advanced words, some of which you might get to see in the actual GRE a friend said the last info.

One more mistake students do is to start learning GRE words in an alphabetical order.

Cam we so all complete, with all our faulty bagnose? Even though this might seem to be a simple enough mechanism, it is grossly ineffective. Usage — The definition should be associated with a proper example worldist how to use that GRE word in a sentence.