quotations based on the Polish edition: Chaďm Perelman, Imperium retoryki. Retoryka i argumentacja [Empire of rhetoric. Rhetoric and argumentation]. Perelman Chaïm: Imperium retoryki. Retoryka i argumentacja, tłum. Mieczysław Chomicz, Warszawa Perelman Chaïm: Logika prawnicza. Nowa Retoryka . McSchea R.J., Morality and Human Nature: A New Route to Ethical Theory, Philadephia , s. Perelman Ch., Imperium retoryki. Retoryka i argumentacja.

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Chaïm Perelman (1912–1984)

In certain circumstances, however, analogy to proceeds needs therein some additional factors which do not stem from the gist of that model.

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The above guidelines generally follow the APA standard. Both in footnotes and in in-text citations, only mention the author’s authors’ surname, year of publication and page number. Summers, Aldershots. University of California Press. The second part of the article outlines the ways the notion of prudence is used throughout De vanitate consiliorum. Patterson Dennis, Maldens. Tools for Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence, [w: Words in languages other than Retoryki.retkryka including pinyin should be written in italics.

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Chaïm Perelman | LibraryThing

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