John Wheeler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds weekly meetings in Santa Cruz, California. As is mentioned on his website, John. It wasn’t until I started reading the writings of John Wheeler where he nearly shouts it out that I started paying more attention. In his podcasts. Awakening to the Natural State [John Wheeler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Wheelers book is neo advaita, plain and simple.

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This will subtly emphasize the sense of separateness, under the guise of trying to become something.

Non-duality – Advaita: John Wheeler

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There is no need to try to become something, even some more present and whdeler person. Can the mind really do anything except produce words and memories of past events and label things after they have happened? Introduction As is well-known to many spiritual seekers, non-duality is a spiritual teaching with ancient roots. There are thoughts and feelings and perceptions, but they are not a problem. It seems that it is still a good idea to be wholehearted and fully involved in daily activities.


Often, it is also referred to with the Sanskrit term “Advaita”. John’s website has been inactive for some years. So instead of being concerned with the states or actions, realize that the real existential problem, if there is one, is the subtle sense of being a separate person that can tend to creep back into the picture.

Who is that “I”? No practice can reveal this because practices are in time and in your mind…. It is actually completely present.

John Wheeler – Centerless Center

Who is pulling away? This blog was a good way for me to write of these experiences. Question that till you see that there is no separate person there. There is no person with all of its preferences and partialities trying to negotiate every experience.

Not sure what method can work for you? With the emphasis off of thought, which is just a small slice of everything going on, you are more fully alive and present with wheeeler is. Recently, however, I have become fascinated by Advaita or Nondualism and have been writing about this subject.

This first chapter of “Awakening to the Natural State” alone makes it worth while purchasing the book! We just overlooked it due to the old concepts and habits. United States Always interested in spiritual matters. At July 7, at 7: It is the person that gums up the works and creates all the problems and supposed solutions. All aversion and resistance is based on ideas and concepts about how things should be or should not be.


There is literally nothing you need to do or practice. This idea subtly keeps the idea of a person going.

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To be aware of the misidentification with the dust motes thoughts, aevaita, perceptions They just rise and fall like dust motes in the light of the presence-awareness that we are. You are always what you are, presence-awareness.

I haven’t seen anyone else besides ‘Sailor’ Bob explain non-duality so precisely and simply as John does. Sunday, July 06, John Wheeler I have sensed from the writings of Catherine Ingram and the podcasts of John Sherman that they were pointing to something advait obvious that it can be easily dismissed.

At February 5, at That’s why I want it to be complicated It’s precious material to listen to.

Return to list of topics in Discourses by Teachers and Writers. Who or what is there to do whesler to get, to be competent or anxious?

Learn why most people fails.