Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Returning to the land of the Sevenwaters trilogy (Daughter of the Forest, etc.), Marillier deftly weaves a fey story of. Juliet Marillier’s manificient return to the realm of Sevenwaters – a glorious stand- alone novel set in the world which became an instant Fantasy classic. Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Take Five Interview: Juliet Marillier and Heir to Sevenwaters

Now she must undertake a desperate journey marllier an unknown realm in an attempt to put things right for her family. The last novel in this universe was published in —what was it like to return to those characters after such a long time?

Jan 03, Katie Mcsweeney rated it julieg was ok Shelves: However, for me the positives of being a full time writer far outweigh the negatives. Editors sometimes make authors keep their manuscripts under heirr certain length so the book will fit into a standard display rack in the supermarket. By reading your novels i have drawn strength during the dark times in my life, when the world to me was seeming so jaded i felt a calm from your work that i cant explain you have a gift with words!

It felt really good to return to a story and characters that has been so familiar to me ever since I read Daughter sevehwaters the Forest nearly four years ago. This fourth novel in the series recaptured the magic of the family that I felt was lost in book 3.


Heir to Sevenwaters by Juliet Marillier | : Books

I still plan to read all the books in this series. I have used traditional stories a few times, though rewritten in my own words, but more often I have made up new stories in iuliet mode of folklore. I was excited to spend time in this setting.

Yes, the lovers still end up married happily, but there is a shadow hanging over them. I did leave things open for a sequel or two. Sibeal’s comment I think really sums it up quite well: Cant Wait For It!!! Terrible events hinder her progress and eventually take her further and further away from her home. She graduated from the University of Otago with degrees in languages and music, and has had a varied career that includes teaching and performing music as… More about Juliet Marillier.

They have been turned into swans and can only be returned to their true forms if she creates a shirt for each brother with sefenwaters own hands – and she must remain completely mute until the task is finished.

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Next to Sorcha and Red, these two are the most fleshed-out, well-deserving, and beautiful couple in this series. To yo her newborn brother, Clodagh must enter the shadowy Otherworld and confront the powerful prince who rules there? Heit is ample room for another Sevenwaters book, and I do hope that it Marillier’s intent. I had a difficult time getting through Child of the Prophecy, intriguing and dark as it was, because of the abundance of exposition and long-winded descriptions. I just made sure my guesses were historically feasible and culturally appropriate.

I adored this book. Clodagh is not a healer, or a seer, sevenwatrrs by magic, or possessed of any special ability. Son of the Shadows started out great, but for me lost a lot of it’s steam as it chugged along.


Open Preview See a Problem? The story of Heir to Sevenwaters. I found every spare moment taken up with this fabulous tale and was extremly sorry to finish it last night.

Heir to Sevenwaters (Sevenwaters, #4) by Juliet Marillier

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Juliet Marillier was writing another Sevenwaters book. You have to be one of my favourite authors- u always create such a deep, rich and encapturing story that i cant help but escape into your world and forget everything else for a while.

Many of your books seem influenced by fairytales and folklore. You could always read it again, I suppose: The themes are truthful and real, and that is what makes your works stand out among the same old wizards and dragons fantasy out there. And Faolan, as a father figure!!! I read it in one sitting and then I went back and reread it again! The fact is that the books left me wanting more and i was wondering if you could shed any light on this topic? Readers may be interested to know I have a new series coming out as well — the Shadowfell series, set in a magical version of ancient Scotland.

I love those strong, silent warrior types.