Karmatron was a comic book that determined a historical stage during the mid- eighties (). It was a weekly publication with a sci-fi and fantasy plot. Characters of the Mexican comic Karmatron and the transformables, created by Oscar González Loyo. KARMATRON Y LOS TRANSFORMABLES PDF – Karmatron was a comic book that determined a historical stage during the mid- eighties ().

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Ponchito Suarez sea unos de los que platicamos el dia de hoy, Felicidades y exito. The zuyuan prince underwent the difficult task of awakening the sacred serpent, a feat that only the most spiritually enlightened and pure of heart could accomplish. By uttering a sacred mantraZacek transformed into Karmatron for the first time. The release schedule of each issue for the new reboot series has been extremely irregular with comics released after 2 months or up to a 1 year hiatus.


The comic book was discontinued then and fans of all ages still transvormables for the saga to start anew. The weekly series was published only in Mexico, non-stop and during 5 years, from to As Karmatron, Zacek transfofmables all his Kundalini powers enhanced transsformables a tenfold or morehe has super-strength, near physical invulnerability, the ability to fire a variety of types of rays and kos, he has flight capability, he can survive in space or in any tranzformables short of a nuclear inferno which almost killed him once and he can shrink to microscopic level.

The comic has been called a space opera by its author, though karmatron y los transformables also had tranwformables elements of comedy, adventure, and fantasy. Nada que ver con las glorias del principio, o de la gran historia de la busqueda de los objetos de poder y el brinco al siglo XX. La Jorn da Virtual in Spanish.

Donde se pueden adquirir revistas de karmatron? So far 20 numbers have been published, with the latest issue released in late Medias this blog was made to help people to easily download or read PDF files.


Donde se pueden adquirir revistas de karmatron? Retrieved 1 May Asura caught a glimpse of this awesome steel giant that came to his planet, and he became violently enraged then, for he acknowledge him for what he was, and knew him to be the source of many karkatron problems.

Each comic of the classic eighties series was made completely in one week, but sometimes past numbers were re-edited and relaunched or substituted by issues with great amounts of text to be able to complete its weekly schedule deadline.

Aspier was also commanded by Asura to kill Canilek when the appropriate time came, which he gleefully did, helped by the turmoil of Asura’s invasion. This allowed Karmatron to acquire some fame and notoriety in the comics medium in Mexico. The series was also successful partially because of the mid eighties boom of sci-fi anime and karmatro that took place in Mexican TV during that time after the release of animated series such as Mazinger ZTransformersVoltron and Robotech.

Retrieved 22 June The comic book followed Zacek’s further adventures as he battled Asura across the galaxies, through many millennia, and tdansformables story was interrupted abruptly in issuewith Karmatron fighting Asura here on Earth in modern times. Several sci-fi and fantasy elements karmatronn the series were based in the boom of both genres during the late seventies and early eighties that took place in American mass media in the west, as well as the super robot and mecha anime genres from Japan in the east.

The comic book was discontinued then and fans of all ages still hope for the saga to start anew.

The ” ancient astronaut theory ” is one of the principal components of the main storyline in Karmatron. Yo tengo toda la coleccion de KArma, solo me falto el album porque nunca llego a mi ciudad… Saludos.



Unfortunately, Canilek’s best friend and advisor, Aspier, was also a spy who informed emperor Asura of Canilek’s plans. Zacek has already done it twice. Por otro lado, los problemas economicos que repercutian en la PESIMA circulacion que se dio a partir del numero que es razon por la cual muchos coleccionistas nos perdimos varios ejemplares, porque no los encontrabamos!

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However, as the storyline progressed and the philosophical ideas exposed and the mysticism turned more karmatron y los transformables and evident, both the editorial and the public became more and more alienated until the comic ceased to be published in the early nineties.

He can teleport short distances; he has some degree of telekinetic talent; he can read minds and thoughts; he can use clairvoyance ; he can read the psychic imprints on an object; he can turn invisible; he can fire bolts of positive spiritual energy and he can make weapons out of this energy, such as shurikens or boomerangs and he can make astral journeysleaving his body behind him.

This allowed Karmatron to acquire some fame and notoriety in the comics medium in Mexico. Studio with a modified storyline, new art, improved modern digital coloring, new designs kwrmatron a bigger, more standard comic book size format.

However, there karmatdon no registry or any other information to confirm such numbers. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.